Healing Companions - Ordinary Dogs and their Extraordinary Power to Transform Lives - Jane Miller

"These extraordinary dogs ground us, they warm our hearts, they challenge our minds, they transform us, they are there for us when others aren't. Healing us is what they do - and Healing Companions shares their extraordinary gifts with its readers.” 

Dr Bonita (Bonnie) Bergin President, Bergin University of Canine Studies, Assistance Dog Institute

Paws & Effect: The Healing Power of Dogs - Sharon Sakson

Dogs have always been our friends and changed our lives for the better. But they may save our lives as well. Seamlessly weaving scientific research with compelling narrative, Paws & Effect tells incredibly moving stories of beloved pets that have supported their people through periods of ill health and other crises - with miraculous results: 
- Little Ben, a Chihuahua who can sense impending epileptic seizures. 
- Abdul, a Golden Retriever/Lab mix, the world’s first service dog that helped his owner by retrieving keys & phones, medicine from countertops, water from the refrigerator, and could even hand in credit cards at the grocery store. 
- A Dalmatian named Trudi, whose obsessive behaviour prompted her owner to seek a medical examination that revealed melanoma.

Working Like Dogs: The Service Dog Guidebook - Davis & Bunell

working like dogsA resource book for service dogs that captures personal stories, checklists and practical tips to provide the reader with an A-Z guide about service dogs.

This book is the ideal addition to every service dog training program as the resource for puppy-raisers, service dog applicants and recipients. 

It's a 'must read' for anyone who is considering a service dog, has a service dog, is raising or is responsible for the care of a service dog and dog lovers who want to connect with the power of the human-animal service dog partnership.

On Dogs and Dying: Inspirational Stories From Hospice Hounds (New Directions in the Human-Animal Bond) - Michelle Rivera

Dogs know when we are feeling down. They love it when we are happy and seeking friendship and fun, and they understand when we are feeling sad and desperate. 

This book presents a series of real-life tales of the positive effects dogs have had on people at the end of their lives, chronicling the visits by two therapy dogs, Woody and Katie, to patients in a south Florida hospice facility. 

Animals in Translation and Animals Make Us Human Temple Grandin

This book should be required reading for everybody who is considering getting a psychiatric service dog or is working on training them. 

The use of psychiatric service dogs is relatively new compared to other types of service dogs such as guide dogs for the blind, rescue dogs or dogs to help people who use wheel chairs. 

The combination of both the right dog coupled with positive training methods can further strengthen the human animal bond and help the field of psychiatric service dogs to develop.

A Friend Like Henry: The Remarkable True Story of an Autistic Boy and the Dog That Unlocked His World - Nuala Gardner

Front CoverA Friend Like Henry is a mother's heart-warming account of how her little boy conquered his autism with the help of a devoted family dog, a Golden Retriever.

When Jamie and Nuala Gardner chose a puppy for their son, Dale, they weren't an ordinary family choosing an ordinary pet. Dale's autism was so severe that the smallest deviation from his routine could provoke a terrifying tantrum. Family life was almost destroyed by his condition, and his parents spent most of their waking hours trying to break into their son's autistic world and give him the help he so desperately needed. 

But after years of constant effort and slow progress, the Gardners' lives were transformed when they welcomed a new member into the family, Henry, a gorgeous golden retriever puppy. The bond between Dale & his dog would change their lives...

The Golden Bridge: A Guide to Assistance Dogs for Children Challenged By Autism or Other Developmental Disabilities (New Directions in the Human-Animal Bond) - Patty Dobbs Gross

In The Golden Bridge, Patty Dobbs Gross provides both personal and professional advice on how specially bred and trained dogs help to facilitate communication for children with autism and other developmental disabilities. Myths and labels concerning autism are explored, examined, and redefined. 

While focused on children, the advice that Gross shares will be immensely helpful for anyone involved in breeding, raising & training dogs to mitigate any type of disability at any age.

The Golden Bridge provides advice about living with autism, animal-assisted therapy and autism, training an assistance dog to work with a child with autism or a developmental disability, and using an assistance dog to deal with a child's grief. 

The book also contains a vast list of resources and websites, for follow-up information, a section on books about autism, and a directory of assistance dog providers.

All Dogs Have ADHD
 - Kathy Hoopman (2008)

All Dogs Have ADHD takes an inspiring and affectionate look at Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder (ADHD), using images and ideas from the canine world to explore a variety of traits that will be instantly recognisable to those who are familiar with ADHD.

All Dogs Have ADHDFollowing the style of the award-winning All Cats Have Asperger Syndrome, charming colour photographs of dogs bring to life familiar ADHD characteristics such as being restless and excitable, getting easily distracted, and acting on impulse.

This delightful book combines humour with understanding to reflect the difficulties and joys of raising a child with ADHD and celebrates what it means to be considered 'different'. 

This absorbing and enjoyable book takes a fresh approach to understanding ADHD.

Therapy Dogs Today: Their Gifts, Our Obligation - Kris Butler

This is an important book for anyone who handles, assesses, or trains visiting therapy dogs and it is essential for professional people who oversee therapy dog programs or include their own dogs in the their workplaces. 

Teamwork, Book 1, Revised & Expanded Ed. - Stewart Nordensson & Lydia Kelley 

TEAMWORK I teaches basic obedience and canine behaviour.

Teamwork II: A Dog Training Manual for People with Disabilities (Book or DVD)- Stewart Nordensson & Lydia Kelley 

TEAMWORK II is a dog training manual written for people with disabilities to be able to train their own dogs to assist them in their daily lives. 

Both TEAMWORK I and TEAMWORK II contain lots of color photographs and personal anecdotes along with the step-by-step instructions written in a clear and simple-to-understand format. The Authors:

  • Lydia Kelly has been a professional trainer for 25+ years. She is the Training Director for TOP DOG, a non-profit service dog program that teaches disabled individuals how to train their own service dogs. 
  • Stewart Nordensson (1937-1999) was severely handicapped with cerebral palsy but still trained over 50 service dogs throughout his life and became expert at obedience training and canine behaviour.

Front CoverHandbook on Animal-Assisted Therapy. Theoretical Foundations and Guidelines for Practice Fine Ed. (2000) 

"This is a very in-depth and informational text on animal-assisted therapy (AAT). It is full of good historical and up-to-date information to guide the practitioner wanting to begin AAT. It gives concise, detailed information on all areas of AAT including how to start a program or improve a current program. Anyone interested in the human-animal bond, particularly on how it relates to helping in a therapeutic setting, must read this book." Kent Davis, DVM (University of Illinois Veterinary Medicine Teaching Hospital)

Animal Assisted Counselling Techniques - Chandler, C. K. (2005) 

Animal Assisted Therapy in Counselling is the most comprehensive book available dedicated to training mental health practitioners in animal assisted therapy (AAT)

It explains the history and practice of AAT in counselling, discusses the latest empirical research, and provides an in-depth explanation of the psychodynamics of AAT within various theoretical frameworks. Readers will learn the proper way to select, train, and evaluate an animal for therapy.

Guidelines for implementing AAT in settings such as private practices, community agencies, schools, hospices & prisons are covered, as well as ethical and legal considerations, risk management, diversity issues, crisis and disaster response applications.

Numerous case examples illustrate the use of AAT principles with clients, and forms, client handouts, and other resources provide valuable tools. This unique resource is an indispensable guide for any counsellor looking to develop and implement AAT techniques in his or her practice.

Good Dogs Doing Good - The Healing Project (2009)

Front CoverFilled with heart warming stories of loveable dogs helping their masters cope with life-threatening diseases or chronic illnesses, this moving collection will comfort and encourage readers to face their own challenges.

The courage, loyalty, love and determination of these canine companions is faithfully documented in each touching story. 

From rambunctious pups whose antics have yanked down the curtain of depression and let the sun shine into their owners' lives to loyal and resourceful dogs who have become vital aids in their owners' struggles with chronic or life-threatening diseases, these stories are rich with the drama, humour, and pathos that have earned the humble dog the beloved status of man's best friend. 

The Power of Wagging Tails: A Doctor's Guide to Dog Therapy & Healing 

Medical studies have consistently shown that patients benefit from therapy dog visits. One recent study of 59 adults showed that following a therapy dog visit their energy levels increased, respiratory rated calmed significantly and pain scores decreased by over 20%. Mood scores improved by over 60% with patients feeling less tense, anxious, angry, tired, depressed and dejected.

In A Doctor’s Guide to Dog Therapy and Healing, Dr. Dawn Marcus showcases the wide range of research that shows the therapeutic and healing power of people of all ages and with a wide range of health conditions. These research findings are brought to life through the personal stories of healing from dog owners across the United States and Canada.

She shows you how to unleash the healing power of your own dog, describes how to effectively add a dog to the home of someone with a chronic condition, explains how the family dog can with chronic health conditions, and teaches how to train a companion dog to be a certified therapy dog to help others.

A Doctor’s Guide to Dog Therapy and Healing (Marcus 2011) is of interest to dog owners, people wondering how to help family and friends coping with chronic illnesses, and individuals considering training their dogs for therapy work.

Extraordinary Dogs - 2011 Quadrille

Front CoverWith real-life stories, 'Extraordinary Dogs' details how dogs' heightened senses, strength and loyalty allow them to perform life-saving acts.

Each chapter explores an element of the world of dogs - their agility, their hearing, whether their abilities constitute a 'sixth sense' - explaining the science, examining which breeds exhibit particular capabilities and why, and then focussing on individual stories of remarkable dogs. 

Filled with fascinating and heart-warming descriptions of canine bravery, intelligence and instinct, Extraordinary Dogs examines the complex and intriguing interactions of dogs and their best friends - humans.

Stories of Dogs & the Lives They Touch - Peggy Schaefer, 2008

Stories of Dogs and the Lives They TouchDogs have long been heralded as man's best friend. In this collection of stories, you will meet dogs who love unconditionally, who protect fearlessly, and who sometimes forget they are dogs.

Drawn from the pages of 'Guideposts' magazine and the memoirs of loving dog owners, the stories are sometimes touching, sometimes humorous, and sometimes bittersweet. But all will touch the hearts of dog owners and dog lovers alike.

Written for a wide audience including canine handlers, forensic scientists, attorneys, and the judiciary, this volume covers topics pertinent to all aspects of the police dog in contemporary law enforcement.

Love Heels: Tales from Canine Companions for IndependencePatricia Dibsie

Love Heels: Tales from Canine Companions for IndependenceDogs have, by nature, qualities that we all would do well to strive for: unshakable loyalty, a devotion to service, an infectious exuberance for life. And their example often does bring out the best in us as well. You'll see these virtues shine in humans and dogs alike in this delightful and deeply meaningful look at the Canine Companions for Independence (CCI), a nonprofit organization devoted to providing well-trained, lovable service dogs to assist people with disabilities.

The stories author Patricia Dibsie tells of these dogs, the people who raise and train them, and those they ultimately help will move you to both laughter and tears, and deepen your appreciation of what love-in both human and canine form-can accomplish.

You'll meet a whole pack of CCI's stars as you read about every stage in their development, from the antics of puppyhood and the foibles of training to the fulfilments of their service years. And you'll almost be able to feel the wet kisses in page after page of marvellous pictures that will set many a heart and tail thumping with happiness.

Angel Dogs: Divine Messengers of Love - Allen & Linda Anderson

You already know dogs are healing and loving companions, but did you know they also serve as matchmakers, lifesavers, prisoner rehabilitation specialists, parent trainers, hospital welcoming committees, advice columnists & afterlife ambassadors?

The book also details new scientific findings on how dogs can save lives, sniff out cancerous tumours, and warn epileptics of impending seizures. Each story is followed by a short meditation that helps readers focus on the messages of love that dogs bring to their lives.

60 stories of dogs offering compassion and love that will make you want to hug the next dog you meet. 

Shelter Dogs: Amazing Stories of Adopted Strays – Pet Kehret

Tells the stories of eight stray dogs that were adopted from animal shelters and went on to become Service Dogs, actors and heros. 

For example, Joey was trained as a "service dog" by her owner, who has multiple sclerosis; or Bridgette, who was able to predict, by picking up "subtle shifts in body odour and electromagnetic fields," when her owner was going to have a seizure, which allowed her owner to lie down before a seizure. 

Dog Cognition & Behaviour

How Dogs Learn - Burch & Bailey (1999)

Front CoverHow Dogs Learn explores the fascinating science of operant conditioning, where science and dog training meet. How Dogs Learn explains the basic principles of behaviour and how they can be used to teach your dog new skills, diagnose problems and eliminate unwanted behaviours. It's for anyone who wants to better understand the learning process in dogs. Every concept is laid out clearly and precisely, and its relevance to your dog and how you train is explained.

"...this book should be on every animal trainer's bookshelf for future reference. How Dogs Learn covers the content of an undergraduate course in learning and behavior, but the examples are taken from dog training it is practical and very useful without sacrificing scientific and technical accuracy." Jack Michael, PhD, Department of Psychology, Western Michigan Uni

Dog Behaviour, Evolution and Cognition - Adam Miklosi (2008)

Dog Behaviour, Evolution, and CognitionOver the past decade there has been an explosion of interest in dogs and it is this work that Miklosi uses to provide us with the first modern scholarly review of all there is to know about dogs.

Miklosi himself has been at the centre of the surge in research interest on dogs over the past decade. So there is no one in a better position to write the first modern review of dog behaviour, cognition and evolution.

Miklosi’s review is authoritative and exhaustive. The book is organized into eleven chapters covering the very latest research findings and is chock full of fun facts. 

No other author has attempted to review such a range of topics about dogs in one volume. Break-out boxes are used to locate and read as you are using this book as a reference guide on dog research. This new book is a testament to the bright future of research on dogs. Miklosi has made the case for how important the dog is becoming in the study of animal psychology.

The book will be essential reading for all those using dogs as helpers for the handicapped, assistants to law enforcement, or just those who want to understand their best friend a little better. 

Canine Ergonomics: The Science of Working Dogs - William S. Helton (Ed) 2009

Since Canis lupus familiaris first shared a fire with man more than 15,000 years ago, dogs have been trusted and valued coworkers. Yet the relatively new field of canine ergonomics is just beginning to unravel the secrets of this collaboration. 

Canine Ergonomics: The Science of Working DogsAs with many new fields, the literature on working dogs is scattered across several non-overlapping disciplines from forensics and the life sciences to medicine, security, and wildlife biology. Canine Ergonomics: The Science of Working Dogs draws together related research from different fields into an interdisciplinary resource of science-based information.

Providing a complete overview, from physiology to cognition, this is the first book to discuss working dogs from a scientific perspective. It covers a wide range of current and potential tasks, explores ergonomic and cognitive aspects of these tasks, and covers personality traits and behavioural assessments of working dogs.

Traditionally, information concerning working dogs is mostly hearsay, with the exchange of information informal at best and non-existent at worst. 

Most books available are too general in coverage or conversely, too specific. They explain how to train a service dog or train a dog to track, based on training lore rather than empirical methods verified with rigorous scientific standards. This book, drawing on cutting edge research, unifies different perspectives into one global science: Canine Ergonomics.

The Dog's Mind: Understanding Your Dog's Behaviour - Bruce Fogle 1992

Bruce Fogle (Author)
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Front CoverHow do dogs perceive the world about them? How do they see, hear, learn, relate to their owners? How large are their brains, what is their emotional makeup? Why do they suffer from stress and how can it be coped with? 

Over the last few years a substantial body of knowledge has been built up about the psychology of dog behaviour. 

Combining more than 20 years of practical experience as a veterinary clinician with deep knowledge & understanding of the latest international research, Dr. Bruce Fogle has written a comprehensive book on how the canine mind works.

The Complete Idiot’s Guide to Positive Dog Training 

Front CoverThe Complete Idiot’s Guide to Positive Dog Training replaces the standard punishment-based training methods that have potential consequences for puppies and limited effectiveness with older dogs. 

This guide demonstrates positive training methods, based on a system of rewards and encouragement, to teach basic commands and housetraining, and correct a host of problem behaviours. 

Readers will also learn loose-leash walking games and how to train for the American Kennel Club’s increasingly popular Canine Good Citizen test. 

Citizen Canine – Essential skills every well mannered dog should know – M. Burch
My Dog Passed Icon 
Citizen Canine, by the American Kennel Club, is the official book on the AKC Canine Good Citizen Program

This book provides everything you need to know in order to pass the Canine Good Citizen Test

2011 Dog Writers Association of America winner!

A Dog Who’s Always Welcome – Assistance & Therapy Dog Trainers Teach How to Socialise & Train Your Companion Dog - Lisa Long (2008)

If you're like most dog owners, you want a trustworthy companion you can take on family vacations, to ball games, on hikes, and to cafes and festivals. You want your dog to behave when you have guests, stay peacefully at hotels, ride calmly in elevators, and maintain proper doggie decorum in all kinds of situations. 

This book taps into the secrets of assistance and therapy dog trainers to show you how to use focused foundation socialisation training to ensure that your dog is well-behaved - even in unfamiliar environments loaded with distractions and temptations. 

With these sophisticated training techniques, you'll turn your family pet into a sociable, take-anywhere dog who will always be welcome!

Getting Started: Clicker Training Kit for Dogs - Karen Pryor

Clicker-training is fun and effective, and fast becoming the preferred method of training dogs.

Clicker training is a simple & effective method of training based on a positive reinforcement reward system. Clicker training uses your dogs own natural desire to learn & obtain a reward without having to use any force or punishment. The clicker is used to reward a specific behaviour and works on your dog’s willingness to want to please you and earn his prize.


Assessing the Human-Animal Bond: A compendium of Actual Measure (New Directions in the Human-Animal Bond) David C. Anderson

This book gathers, in one place, those measures presently used to study the human-companion animal bond. 

The measures chosen for inclusion are the most heavily used by researchers, as well as measures that appear to be innovative or relate to the different aspects of the human-companion animal relationship. The measures cover the human-animal bond principally by attachment, but also by fear, abuse, or neglect.

The Psychology of the Human-Animal Bond
There have been dramatic increases in the financial, emotional, and psychological investment in pets over the past four decades. The increasing importance of animal companions in people's lives has resulted in growing emphasis on the human-animal bond within academic literature.

Written for practicing and emerging professionals, this text provides an essential framework for understanding the human-animal bond. 

This text is a valuable resource which provides opportunities to deepen one's expertise in understanding the psychology of the human-animal bond.

The Health Benefits of Dog Walking for Pets & People: Evidence & Case Studies - Johnson & Beck (2011)

Obesity is at epidemic levels worldwide. In the U.S. alone, it is estimated that by 2018 the cost of treating weight-related illnesses will double to almost $350bil a year. A 2010 report by the U.S. Surgeon General estimates that 2/3 of American adults and almost 1:3 children are now overweight or obese. Similar statistics emphasize the staggering problem in other industrialized countries.

This report originated in a special 2009 symposium funded in part by a grant from the Eunice Kennedy Shriver National Institute of Child Health and Development (NICHD) and sponsorship from Mars-Waltham on how human-animal interaction may help fight obesity across the lifespan. It provides systematic presentation of the scientific evidence for this powerful expression of the benefits of the human-animal bond.

The Brain That Changes Itself: Stories of Personal Triumph from the Frontiers of Brain Science - Norman Doidge

A new science called neuroplasticity is overthrowing the old notion that the human brain once injured or damaged cannot be modified, or only up to a particular point of recovery. 

In this book we see a woman born with half a brain that rewired itself to work as a whole, blind people who learn to see, learning disorders cured, IQs raised, aging brains rejuvenated, stroke patients learning to speak, children with cerebral palsy learning to move with more grace, depression and anxiety disorders successfully treated, and lifelong character traits changed. 

Dr Doidge has written an inspiring book that will permanently alter the way we look at our brains, human nature, and human potential.

"A remarkable and hopeful portrait of the endless adaptability of the human brain." Oliver Sacks

Animal Law

Animal Law in Australasia (Edited by Peter Sankoff & Steven White - 2010)

The original laws protecting animals from human mistreatment arose from community concern in the 19th Century, and today community expectations are even higher. Most Australians and New Zealanders assume that their animal welfare laws still provide sufficient protection for animals, that cruelty is the exception and that, when exposed, the perpetrators are prosecuted. They are wrong on all counts.

This book is a scholarly examination of the legal relationship between humans and animals in Australia and New Zealand. It asks whether existing laws really do protect animals, and, where the law comes up short, how it could be improved. 

The questions explored go beyond animal welfare and challenge the reader to think about the nature of legal interests, practical and ethical contexts for a range of laws.

Australian, New Zealand and international academics and practitioners cover topics ranging from core concepts and theoretical questions around “animal welfare” and law, to specific matters of concern: animal cruelty sentencing, live animal export, recreational hunting, and commercial uses of animals in farming and research.

Sue Kedgley, launched Animal Law in New Zealand on 19th March 2009 with over 100 people in attendance. The launch page enables you to watch edited videos of the four speeches, read a blog of the proceeding, and see some pictures. Visit the page at:

'Animal Law in Australasia is a highly informative and well researched text on the current Australian and New Zealand law regulating the interaction between humans and animals.' Rural Society Journal, Vol 19 Issue 3, 2009

For Younger Readers - Hero Dogs  
Animals who work hard to make our world a better place! 

Water Rescue DogsIn this colourful and compelling book, young readers go on the job with dogs who have been trained to rescue people from floods, boating accidents and other water-related emergencies. 

One of the dogs they meet is Ursa, a Newfoundland who came to the rescue when her owner, Elizabeth, was lost in a storm. Animal lovers also become acquainted with WET DOG, a group that trains & tests dogs for water rescues. 

Front CoverThis nonfiction picture book shows young readers how dogs are trained to become the dedicated assistants of arson investigators. 

Latham explains how their super sense of smell allows dogs to "sniff out missing people, find hidden bombs and even detect microscopic cancer cells." 

Thanks to the descriptive photographs, readers are able to follow the dogs through their training and onto crime scenes.

Animals at Work (ASPCA Kids) 
Animals are so much more than companions - they make amazing contributions to the planet and the human race. Young readers will learn about dogs who are lending a paw to protect livestock, guide people who can't see, pull sleds and so much more. 

You will also get the scoop on the jobs other animals do, like horses who serve in the military and law enforcement, and even cats who control vermin and provide therapy to the sick and the elderly.

Rescue Dogs - Crime & Rescue in the Canadian Rockies (2009)

These stories of crime and rescue, by retired park warden and dog trainer Dale Portman, highlight the vital role dogs play in saving lives, upholding the law and recovering bodies.

Portman describes the escapades of Canadian Rockies park warden Alfie Burstrom and his canine partner, Ginger - the first certified avalanche search team in North America - as well as his own adventures tracking down criminals and missing persons with his German shepherd, Sam.

Reading these stories of working dogs will give you a new appreciation of the important roles they play and how they really are our silent heroes.

Guide to Search & Rescue Dogs - Angela Snovak (2004)

Front CoverSearch and rescue dogs are invaluable members of certified rescue teams designated to locate accident victims and lost adults and children in wilderness areas and at disaster scenes.

This book presents advice and guidance for rescue dog handlers, with information on how dogs scent, and detailed instruction on training of both dogs and their handlers.

The author discusses rescue specialties where dogs are a critical resource in specific circumstances that include avalanche rescue, locating drowning victims, locating both the living & the dead in the wake of plane crashes, earthquakes & other calamities. 

Police & Military Dogs: Criminal Detection, Forensic Evidence, and Judicial Admissibility - John Ensminger (2011)

Front CoverPolice procedures, forensic science, and the law take into account the tasks that police dogs perform and the evidence that their work produces.

Police and Military Dogs examines the use of police and military dogs for a wide variety of functions and explores canine biology and behaviour as it applies to police work and how police dog team can affect the subsequent investigation and prosecution of the crime.

The book examines the many detection functions police dogs are being trained to perform - from cadaver detection, to the discovery of explosives. It also describes the use of dogs to apprehend criminals and, in search & rescue operations.

The Dogs of War - The Courage, Love & Loyalty of Military Working Dogs Lisa Rogak 

Front Cover The Dogs of War reveals the amazing range of jobs that our four-legged soldiers perform, examines the dogs’ training and equipment. 

You’ll find heart-warming stories of the deep bond that dogs and their handlers share with each other.
An incredible story of the largely unseen but vital role that dogs play in the armed forces, The Dogs of War is a must-read for animal lovers everywhere.

The Dog that Saved my Life - Sacrifice. Loyality. Love beyond all bounds - Isabel George

Six incredible true stories of canine bravery in wartime. For as long as dogs have lived alongside man, they have saved their lives in wartime with their bravery, loyalty & companionship. 

From the WWII dog that was adopted by the Royal Navy as a mascot, torpedoed, shot at and registered as a prisoner of war, to the more recent heroics of explosives dog, Sadie, in the Afghanistan conflict where she saved hundreds of military and civilian lives, this is a collection of the most incredible and heart-warming accounts from around the world. 

Capturing the fear, uncertainly, determination and undying devotion of these amazing dogs and the young soldiers, sailors and airmen they befriended, these are truly inspirational tales of loyalty and companionship beyond all boundaries.

Books for Dogs

Swim to Recovery: Canine Hydrotherapy Healing - Emily Wong (2012)

Swim to Recovery: Canine Hydrotherapy Healing (Gentle Dog Care)This unique dog book explores canine hydrotherapy, rehabilitation and weight management, and how these can improve your dog’s well-being. 

In the early 20th Century, the use of hydrotherapy was extended from man to man’s best friend, ‘the dog’.

A type of aquatic exercise, hydrotherapy can help prevent and treat medical problems and pre-/post-operative conditions. Hydrotherapy for dogs can also be used for rehabilitation and maintaining health and fitness.

Smellorama! Nose Games for Dogs – Viviane Theby (2010)

With up to 100 times as many olfactory receptors as humans, dogs use their sense of smell to 'see' and interpret their world, just as we do with our eyes. A dog's keen sense of smell is helped by a wet nose which has a layer of mucus that absorbs some scent molecules more quickly, allowing even the faintest scent to be detected and followed. 

It's not just specialist hounds such as gun, drug and bomb detection dogs that have this amazing ability. All dogs love to sniff out new smells and messages so your dog can be taught to find those lost car keys, tell you if your food contains minute traces of nuts, or even locate a missing person, and in such a way that these scent games for dogs are great fun for both of you.

"Smellorama!" is a book of 'nose games' for your dog to play, from hide and seek to following trails. Most of these exercises are suitable for dogs of any age and breed - fun for both of you!" - Dogs Today

Dogs Can Sign, Too: A Breakthough Method for Teaching Your Dog to Communicate – Sean Senechal (2009)

Front CoverIf you’ve ever wondered what dogs would tell us if they could, now you can find out. The K9Sign system teaches dogs to communicate to us - making it a first in any dog training book category. 
Dogs Can Sign, Too is the first book dedicated exclusively to the K9Sign system for teaching dogs to communicate to their human companions using a vocabulary of gestures.

This extraordinary education tool, developed by the creator of AnimalSign Language exclusively for the canine community, teaches people & their pets a unique mode of communication that employs an extensive lexicon of specific signs. 

Sample signs range from general concepts, such as “Food” or “Play” to identifying special treats, such as “Liver” or “Cheese” and specifying a favorite toy, such as “Ball” or “Frisbee.” Signs also include useful questions such as “Who’s that?” or “What type?” to naming a particular friend or family member, or even indicating a stranger. 

Learning and practicing K9Sign is a fun, challenging, and rewarding experience for both you and your dog that is sure to deepen the human-canine bond while expanding our ideas about interspecies communication.

Teach Your Dog To Read - Dr. Bonita Bergin

Dr. Bonnie Bergin's pioneering work with reading dogs has proven that dogs can correctly interpret static, two-dimensional symbols and words. This represents a major step forward in proving that dogs have a much higher capability for advanced thinking than they have ever been given credit for. 
You already know that your dog is smart. Do you want to test her capacity for learning, or help make her even smarter? Would you like to enhance your ability to communicate with your dog? 

Teach Your Dog to Read offers step-by-step instructions, along with many photos and illustrations, to train dogs to read flash cards with one-word commands and stick figure drawings.  This is a special way to enhance the loving bond between you and your dog.

Dr. Bergin invented the concept of the Service Dog to assist people with mobility impairments in 1975. At that time she founded the first nonprofit to train and place Service Dogs. Dr. Bergin also founded the Assistance Dog Institute (ADI). ADI continues to break new ground in helping dogs help people - you'll be amazed at what you and your dog can do together once you've read this book.

Training Deaf Dogs

Deaf dogs make wonderful companions if you're willing to make a special effort to live with them successfully. The deaf dog is not handicapped – s/he simply can’t hear! Typically, deaf dogs (like deaf humans) compensate for the lack of hearing sound by developing a stronger reliance on visual signals and on their sense of smell. So the challenge really is for people to learn to use signals effectively and consistently to build an effective relationship with their deaf dog.

Hear! Hear! A Guide for Training a Deaf Puppy – Barry Eaton
Ideas for getting attention, teaching basic commands, help and encouragement you’ll appreciate if you have taken on a deaf puppy!

Living with a Deaf Dog – Susan Cope-Becker

The first of its kind, and based on the author's firsthand experience of living with a deaf dog, her own Boston Terrier. 

Includes research on the topic of canine deafness, how-to's for training and communicating, plus collected personal experiences of deaf dog owners from all over the world.

Contents: Getting and keeping the deaf dog's attention, over 25 hand signs (some illustrated), training and safety tips, testing a dog for deafness at home, BAER testing/what, where and why, genetics of canine deafness, deaf dog myths (aggression and brain damage), stories about deaf dogs from their owners, resources for products, books, organizations, and an opportunity to assist in deaf dog research.

‘Living & Working with a Deaf Dog’ PDF also by Susan Cope-Becker 

Dancing with Dogs - Mary Ray (2006)

Front CoverHeelwork training is a rewarding experience that will help you bond with your best friend whilst creating an imaginative and fun show.

This easy-to-follow book teaches you how to train your dog to perform simple but elaborate-looking dance routines. Teach him basic tricks, learn how to pick the music and choreograph the routine and try one of 15 dances.

Step-by-step instructions are clearly illustrated to show you and your pooch how to enjoy this exciting new sport. 

The Holistic Dog Book: Canine Care for C 21st Denise Flaim 2003

Addresses the whole dog and all the ways you can bring a more natural approach to your dog's care. Whether you're interested in essential oils, homeopathy, natural diets, herbal remedies, acupuncture, massage or emotionally satisfying training, you'll find everything you need to make well-informed decisions about what's right for both you and your dog.

Front CoverThe Nature of Animal Healing: The Definitive Holistic Medicine Guide to Caring for Your Dog and Cat - Martin Goldstein D.V.M.  2000

A pioneering revolutionary prescription for the health and long life of your pets. In this compelling, very accessible book, Dr. Goldstein explains exactly what holistic medicine is and how it works. By treating the root of a health problem instead of its symptoms, you too can help your animal to regain and maintain its own health, as nature intended. Dr. Goldstein also shares many remarkable true stories of supposedly terminally ill animals who have recovered to full wellness.

Dog Owner's Home Veterinary Handbook - Eldredge et al
The classic bestseller - expanded and updated. The guide dog lovers have relied on for over 27 years. This handbook has been extensively revised to include the latest information on everything from canine healthcare to nutrition to holistic treatments. Dog Owner's Home Veterinary Handbook, 4th Ed., 2007, is the definitive guide for every dog owner.

Dog Anatomy [Cards] - Flash Anatomy (Ed)

The DOG ANATOMY flash cards are a proven study aid for both veterinary and massage therapy students.

The Healing Touch for Dogs: Proven Massage Program for Dogs - Dr. Fox

Distinguished veterinarian and animal psychologist Dr. Michael W. Fox shares his pioneering 6-step dog massage technique, which is not only a healing tool and healthcare measure, but also affirms the bond between you and your animal companion.
Dr. Fox provides an orientation to basic dog anatomy, physiology & psychology, and then addresses through easy-to-read instructions, detailed illustrations & photos:
  • Why dogs need massage
  • How to understand your dog's body language
  • How to develop a massage routine
  • How to diagnose illness with massage
  • How to keep your dog fit and healthy
This newly revised and updated volume is an essential guide for helping and healing our animal companions.

The Healthy Way to Stretch Your Dog: A Physical Therapy Program - Dogwise Manual 2009 
Research on human athletes is changing what we know about stretching. Over 300 photos and diagrams demonstrate how to safely and effectively stretch each major muscle group. 

Teaches correct hand placement for joint stabilization and how to maintain good form. Stretching routines are presented for both large and small dogs, older dogs, and those that are involved in a variety of dog sports.

The Well-Connected Dog: A Guide to Canine Acupressure - Snow & Zidonis 1999

"The Well-Connected Dog: A Guide to Canine Acupressrue" is an easy to follow manual with lots of illustrations, photographs and charts. Acupressure connects you with 1000's of years of natural healing and has proven to enhance performance, health and overall well-being. This book gives you the tools to participate in your dog's optimal health.

Tellington TTouch: A Revolutionary Natural Method to Train and Care for Your Favorite Animal - Linda Tellington-Jones & Sybil Taylor 

Distinguished animal trainer Linda Tellington-Jones combines her extraordinarily successful experiences performing the Tellinton TTouch with solid how-to advice that anyone can use on dogs, cats, horses, birds, even reptiles and exotic animals to show how to release the pain, fear, and tension so many animals suffer. 

Safe Dog Handbook: A Complete Guide to Protecting Your Pooch, Indoors & Out - Melanie Monteiro 2009

Melanie Monteiro began her journey into the world of canine safety in 2002, after adopting the world’s most thrill-seeking, accident-prone Labrador puppy, Taiga. Since then, she’s become a certified pet first aid instructor and canine safety lecturer to countless dog parents, canine professionals and humane organizations.

A dedicated dog lover, Melanie has been a puppy raiser for Canine Companions for Independence, a grooming crewmember for SPCA-LA, and volunteer for several other L.A. area rescue organizations. In her quest to help dogs lead safe, healthy lives, she has trained with the Emergency Care and Safety Institute, The American Red Cross and the Companion Animal Sciences Institute, where she earned a Certificate in Canine Nutrition.

Dog First Aid - American National Red Cross 

This book is a must for any dog owner. Same book & DVD set given at the Red Cross Pet First Aid class. Information is up-to-date, relevant and employs modern first aid techniques akin to human first aid and CPR. Chapters are well-organized and cover everything from mild abrasions to poisoning. Pictures used throughout the book and video on the DVD clearly illustrate the proper procedures to follow. Although not intended as a substitute for veterinary care, this book could make the difference between life and death for your dog in an emergency.

The Allergy Solution for Dogs - Holistic Approach to Treating Your Dog's Allergies – Dr Messonnier

When your dog is constantly scratching and uncomfortable, you need answers. If the problem is allergies, The Allergy Solution for Dogs can help you provide the best care possible for your beloved companion.

Holistic veterinarian Dr. Shawn Messonnier focuses on the pros and cons of natural and conventional treatments. Discover:
  • The benefits of nutritional supplements such as antioxidants and fatty acids 
  • How to reduce or eliminate the use of steroids and antihistamines 
  • The benefits of herbal therapy and acupuncture 
  • Diet and nutrition tips for dogs of all ages 

Anxiety Wrap – A Therapeutic hug for Dogs!

The Anxiety Wrap uses maintained pressure and acupressure to relieve stress and end/lessen fears and anxieties in dogs. 

Experts believe that pressure has a calming effect on the nervous system. Based on Dr. Temple Grandin’s concept of “maintained pressure”, Acupressure, and  Tellington  Touch principles.

89% Effectiveness in a Clinical Research Study!
Tufts Cummings School of Veterinary Medicine conducted a Clinical Research Study with dogs who suffered from thunderstorm fear. Anxiety Wrap was found to be 89% effective - deemed a "safe & effective treatment for canine thunderstorm phobia."

The Anxiety Wrap is also a very useful tool for managing excitability or hyperactivity with strangers, on the leash, or in a training environment. Its calming effect helps a dog to focus (or refocus) its energies in a more constructive direction, allowing training to be more effective.

Fundraising Books

Funds to the Rescue – 101 Fundraising Ideas for Humane & Animal Rescue Groups - Susan Daffron 2009

This book saves you from wasting time as you search for new revenue streams to support your humane organization. 

The book begins with "The How’s and Why’s of Fund Raising" and follows with 101 entertaining and creative ideas.

10 Best Dog Movies

Whether they have happy endings or leave you surrounded by wads of Kleenex, these movies reinforce an adage we all know but could stand to be reminded of, especially during tough times: all is right in the world as long as there are dogs in it. If you have trouble believing that, or simply need something to lift your spirits for a couple of hours, look no further than a feel-good, dog-centric flick.

Angel Dog (2011)

This heart-warming movie is about a dog named Cooper who is the lone survivor of a terrible car accident. Jake, a family patriarch, loses his wife and children in the accident.

Not being a dog person, Jake is angry and resentful toward the dog for even surviving. However, eventually Jake bonds with Cooper, and this bond ends up being the one thing that gets him out of bed in the morning, the one thing that helps him to go on living after such a tragic loss. 

Homeward Bound: The Incredible Journey (1993)

This movie might make pet owners think twice about leaving their animals with friends, but it’s still fun to watch. After their owners drop off Shadow, Chance, and Sassy at an unfamiliar house (to go on vacation, but the dogs don’t know that), the animals fear the worst and decide to head back home - which is all the way across the country. Dangerous situations and heartbreaking scenes abound, but the ultra-sappy ending makes it all worthwhile.

Beethoven (1992)

There have been several sequels, but none compare to the original, starring Charles Grodin as a tense, easily rattled dad named George who reluctantly takes in a St. Bernard puppy after his family falls in love with him. Beethoven quickly becomes the bane of George’s existence as he gets older (and more massive), but he eventually captures the cranky father’s heart.

All Dogs Go to Heaven (1989)

Burt Reynolds is the voice of Charlie, a street dog who ascends to heaven after being murdered by a gangster dog, only to escape and fall back to Earth to get revenge. He then learns the error of his ways, thanks to a young orphan named Anne-Marie. This tearjerker is marketed toward kids, but adults might appreciate the film’s mature elements even more.

Best in Show (2000)

Though Christopher Guest’s hilarious mockumentary centres on the Mayflower Kennel Club Dog Show, the owners are really the ones on parade. It’s a must-see for all dog lovers out there, who’ve no doubt encountered obsessive owners like the ones in the movie (or who suspect they themselves might fall under the same label).

The Truth About Cats & Dog (1996)

Like Best in Show, this movie is more about humans than about their animal companions, but a dog does play a very important role by bringing two of the main characters together. If Brian’s dog hadn’t been behaving badly, Brian never would’ve called into Abby’s veterinary radio show, and they never would’ve fallen for each other. Many other things happen in between, but the dog - who wears roller skates like a champ - is one of the best parts.

Lassie Come Home (1943)

The first in the Lassie series, this movie tells the story of a dog who embarks on a long journey back to her best friend, a young boy named Joe. When Lassie, who later earned a star on Hollywood’s Walk of Fame and Joe are reunited at the end, don’t be surprised if you get a little something in your eye.

Turner and Hooch (1989)

Police officer Scott Turner takes home big, slobbering Hooch after the dog witnesses a murder that Turner’s investigating. They become a ’80s-era Odd Couple, with neat freak Turner playing Felix to the chaotic but charismatic Hooch’s Oscar. The murder plotline is only a side note; the real story is the bond that develops between a man and the dog he didn’t even know he needed.

Lady and the Tramp (1955)

The main reason everyone should see this movie can be summed up in three words: the spaghetti scene. Lady and her canine beau sharing a bowl of spaghetti is easily one of the sweetest moments in cinematic history.

Old Yeller (1957)

Man or woman, old or young, optimist or pessimist - no matter who or what you are, you’re guaranteed to bawl your eyes out while watching this movie. Never was there a more faithful dog than Old Yeller, who sacrificed himself to save his young companion, Travis. I won’t say more than that if you’re not familiar with the movie. Just have a box of tissues handy if and when you do watch it.


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