Wednesday, 16 December 2015

Having a dog in bed with you may help you sleep better!

Mayo Clinic Sleep study discovered nearly half of pet owners reported they felt more rested with their animal in their bedroom than without!

Factors to Consider Regarding Where Companion Animals Should Sleep

Guiding principle: The sleep of the pet owner takes priority over loyalty to the pet:

  • How well does the pet owner sleep?
  • How well does the bed partner sleep?
  • Is the pet free of fleas, dirt, burrs, etc.?
  • Any pet allergies?
  • How large is the bedroom; the bed?
  • Does the pet sleep soundly?
  • Is the pet quiet?
  • How many pets?
  • Does the pet sleep on the bed and, if so, where on the bed?
  • Does excluding the pet from the bedroom work (or is the pet making noise for attention)?
  • Does the pet have any special needs (medications, voiding) requiring attention at night?

If none of the above are present:
  • Does the pet enhance a sense of security?
  • Does the presence of the pet aid relaxation?

Study Abstract:
Data was collected by questionnaire and interview from 150 consecutive patients seen at the Center for Sleep Medicine, Mayo Clinic in Arizona. 
  • 74 people (49%) reported having pets
  • 31 (41% of pet owners) having multiple pets. 
  • More than 50% pet owners (56%) allowed their pets to sleep in the bedroom. 
  • 15 pet owners (20%) described their pets as disruptive 
  • 31 pet owners (41%) perceived their pets as unobtrusive or even beneficial to sleep. 
  • Health care professionals working with patients with sleep concerns should inquire about the presence of companion animals in the sleep environment to help them find solutions and optimize their sleep.

Source: 2015 Mayo Foundation for Medical Education & Research 2015;90(12):1663-1665; Center for Sleep Medicine, Mayo Clinic, Scottsdale, AZ.


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