Sunday, 1 September 2013

Australian Working Dog Conference 2013

Australian Working Dog Conference 2013  4-5 Nov | Sydney

The inaugural Australian Working Dog Conference, will bring together over 200 working dog breeders, trainers, handlers, veterinarians, facility managers, research scientists, advocacy and government group representatives from across Australasia.
A place to share ideas, network and learn, this conference is the first of its kind.
What is The Australian Working Dog Alliance?

The Working Dog Alliance is committed to optimising the wellbeing and performance of all working and sporting dogs in Australia.
Why? Because across the working and sporting dog industries, a 50-70% fail rate is normal… and it doesn’t have to be. The welfare of these dogs is intimately linked to their working performance.
The Working Dog Alliance is working with industry, government, animal advocacy and scientific research groups to review current practices. It aims to provide opportunities for communication, sharing and collaboration across this diverse industry. They are here to improve the lives of our working dogs and as a result, get more from our canine counterparts.


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