Friday, 20 July 2012

Fido Friendly Planning Award

The resizing of the Aussie backyard, a shift to townhouse and apartment living and more compact urban environments have planners focussing on how this impacts the country's high rate of pet ownership.

The Planning Institute of Australia (PIA) and the Petcare Information Advisory Service (PIAS) have partnered to launch an inaugural 2012 Pet Friendly Planning Award a nationwide search for the planning project that best considers the needs of Australia’s beloved pets.

The shift in the way Australians are living and the ongoing popularity of pet ownership are driving the need to better plan for pets in urban environments:

"Two in every three homes in Australia have at least one pet. When you consider that lot sizes are getting smaller and census data showing an increase in apartment living, pets need to be catered for in parks and other public spaces.”    MS Currie (PIA President) 

For additional information and resources:

Public Open Space and Dogs - Australia’s most comprehensive document to date on planning for public open space and dogs; authored by Virginia Jackson.

Pets and Community Health - research summary on the health benefits of companion animals prepared by the Petcare Information and Advisory Service. - useful source of information on pet ownership in Australia.

Pets in the City - great resource prepared by Petcare Information & Advisory Service to assist those residing in high density living, enjoy the benefits offered by pets.

Wednesday, 18 July 2012

What is Wag n Train?

What is Wag n Train?

With Wag n Train you can become a top trainer, with easy to follow instructions, photos and videos of some really clever tricks.

Wag n Train applies the methods used by Dogs for the Disabled to train highly skilled assistance dogs. Based on encouragement and reward, our training approach is tried, tested and gets great results. 

Sign up for the challenge and raise funds for Dogs for the Disabled at the same time!
Take the Challenge
Sign up online today by donating £5 which will go directly to Dogs for the Disabled, a life transforming charity that trains assistance dogs for people with disabilities.
  • Log in details will be emailed to you giving you full access to step-by-step instructions, photos & videos for a variety of tricks, ranging - easy to hard.
  • If you’ve never tried to train your dog to do tricks before, then don’t worry. There is also information about the clicker training method and the basics to get you started.
  • You can pick and choose whichever tricks you would like to train your dog, or you can choose to complete the two Wag n Train levels and become a Wag n Train Trick Master and then a Wag n Train Training Champion!

 Show the world what you can do!
Upload videos on YouTube of your canine pal doing the clever tricks you’ve taught him and tag them Wag n Train. They will put the best ones on the website and the Dogs for the Disabled Facebook page.
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